comms — creative — research

We effectively translate complex issues and information into clear, concise, and accessible copy for a variety of readership levels—and do the research necessary to make sure our work is accurate, accountable, and backed up by the best information.

 • Absolutely zero hand-holding needed (we're grown-ups).

 • Significant experience turning approved messaging into engaging narratives (even for less-than-engaging messages).

 • Detail-oriented (to a fault) and self-motivated (we may pester you to get the job done).

 • Second-to-none research and proofing/editing services (really).

 • Managed (literally) thousands of projects over our careers.

We know how to own a task, project, or campaign and bring it to successful completion with minimal outside input or assistance, while matching product outcomes to strategic needs, branding guidelines, and business goals.


Trireme Communications